HVAC Online Teaching

HVAC Online Teaching

HVAC online teaching is a process of imparting knowledge about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to students through the use of the internet. It usually involves the use of video conferencing, webinars, and other online tools to provide instruction.

HVAC Teaching with Google Classroom and Google Meet

I give Live stream HVAC (One on One) classes

On Google Classroom

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Also do HVAC coaching and/or Project management coaching

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HVAC - Why Air Purifiers are Important ?

In every cubic meter, there is around 35 million particles floating that are not visible to the naked eye. You can see some particles in a ray of sun that enters your home.

Dyson air Purifier

Here are the good reasons

They eliminate bad odours.

They filter pathogens and air born diseases.

They eliminate harmful chemicals from the air.

Asthma patients are relieved from all the dust and can breath easier.


They eliminate asbestos if any are found in your environment.

Purifiers remove Radon, Radon are emitted by building materials and are odourless but harmful.

They improve your sleep, by breathing easier.

They provide much better environment for babies and old people.

They help people with allergies.

If you live next to a construction site, a road, polluted city or forest fires, air purifiers are a very important to have in your living quarters.

Useful if you don’t air vacuum your floors often.

They eliminate most cigarette smoke if someone in your home smokes indoors.

They are great against pet odours and airborne hair particles.

If you have a fireplace, they eliminate any smoke that comes indoors.

Air Purifiers have the following items but necessarily all of them.

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters

Activated carbon, to trap odours

UV (Ultraviolet lights) to trap Germs

Electrostatic Precipitators to charge particles and trap them on opposite charged plates

What out for ozone generators before buying, ozone generators against smells can be harmful to your lungs for long periods of exposure.


Buying one

Make sure they have minimum 5 air change per hour, that means changing the volume of you room 5 times per hour.

Make sure that they are not very noisy, as normal home sound should be around 35 Decibels


Make sure your filters are changed when necessary, many air purifiers have a notification for dirty filters.

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