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An HVAC course is a course that teaches students about the Design, installation, maintenance, and repair of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

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HVAC - What is a VAV Box ?

In HVAC systems, a VAV stands for Variable Air Volume.


A VAV box vary the amount of airflow served to the room , this is due to the varying loads.

VAV boxes have a moving damper, basically just like a valve.

VAV boxes are used for Cooling and Heating.

The supply temperature is usual constant but does not have to be.

VAV are controlled by the room temperature thermostat or best from the temperature sensor in the return air duct.

A section through a VAV

When the damper closes or opens pressures varies across the VAV.

Pressure independent VAV (vav box type), maintains the flow even when the pressure fluctuates due to others VAV units in the duct system. They are more sophisticated than the basic VAV box and require more control items.

Due to the varying required air Volume, the system needs a constant minimum fresh air unit that is not affected by the supply fan, multiple systems can be designed to achieve this goal.

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