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HVAC books are a great way to learn about the different aspects of HVAC systems. They can provide you with information on how to maintain and repair your HVAC system, as well as how to choose the right system for your facility.

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These are my HVAC books & others, more to come in the near future. If you Purchase directly in here, it would save us on #Amazon and all other Major platforms commission fees. Amazon for example charges us 35% commission. All books are at 10 euros. Just make sure you specify to me which book and I will send it to you in PDF or other format. Else if you prefer, these books are available on Amazon, Google play, I-books, and B&N. Also in Hard cover. Below at the end are the Links.

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Indoor Air Quality

How to keep your indoors air quality at its best

To keep a healthy life and virus free environment

Keep your home or offices well ventilated

Open windows as much as permissible

Make sure enough Fresh air is been supplied by your air condition

Keep shoes at the door, shoes collect a lot of dust outside

Keep your air conditioning filters clean & replace them when necessary

Use natural agents for cleaning , not chemicals

Close your toilet covers when you flush

Use air filtration recirculation units, usually they have HEPA filters

Watch out for mold

Clean dust under areas like beds or couches

Better not to use carpets as they collect dust, Parquet is an alternative

Don’t use insect sprays, repel by natural product smell

Make sure your vacuum cleaner has high quality filtration, like HEPA

Keep you pets groomed

Have indoor plants

Use cooking oil with high temperature smoke points

Smoke free homes

UV lights in your air condition, to clean recirculated air from pathogens

Conclusion: Clean indoor air has great effect on your health and well being Stay Safe

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