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HVAC - Why liquid cooling is better

Where liquid cooling is used?

Today I am going to discuss why liquid cooling is better for datacenters, already Microsoft and other big players are experimenting with this. They even submerged one datacenter in the sea.

Liquid is much more efficient to cool with than air. Much Better PUE.

No need for ducting or big spaces to pass the air through.

You do not need fans to transfer the cold air to the Data center and auxiliary rooms, more energy saving.

Liquid cooling is a good source to district heating in winter. Many places, especially in Scandinavia use district heating.

The cooling system becomes much quieter, no need for silencers or acoustic linings.

Do you need liquid cooling ?

Yes data centers have more need of cooling loads than ever before and this will continue to rise.

Will liquid cooling leak ?

chances are very low and the water is de-ionized water source (distilled water).

Can liquid cooling freeze ?

Very low chance indoors but if the pipes pass outdoors, the use Glycol.

Which is better air cooling or liquid cooling ?

In my opinion, LIQUID COOLING

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