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HVAC Diffusers & Grilles

Different type of diffusers & grilles in the HVAC industry.


Linear slot diffusers, a good placement is ceiling mount, next to windows and room perimeters. Office areas or where false ceiling exist.

Square diffusers, pictured in the title, ceiling mounted and well distributed across the area.

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Round Ceiling, also mounted in the ceiling. Office areas, shops and where false ceiling exist.

Jet Nozzle Diffuser. Usually found in big areas, on the upper side of the walls, in malls, airports etc… Ball and socket, adjustable angles of air flow.

Return air grill, installed at lower side of walls, installed at Cleanrooms where piston room effect is required etc…

Return Floor Register, cinemas, airports even offices, depending on architectural layout.

Door vents, areas where positive pressurisation is required, sometimes with gravity damper.

Swirl Diffuser, a good way to swirl and mix the supply air and room air.

I just Listed some of the existing diffusers in the HVAC market but not limited to.

The most important about diffusers is location and location. Special attention is required when it comes to condensation from diffusers if the supply temperature is low and below dew point. Diffusers not to be installed above electronic equipment or nor electrical panels. ex. datacenters of electric rooms.

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