HVAC Statistics

HVAC Statistics

hvac statistics

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hvac statistics

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HVAC - Chiller VS Direct Expansion (DX)

Which one is more suitable for cooling your building.

Chillers cool the water that supply the HVAC equipment such as Air Handlers or Fan coil Units by the help of water pumps. Chillers are air cooled by the help of fans or water cooled by the help of cooling Towers.

Direct Expansion in short DX provide direct refrigerant gas to the HVAC cooling equipment cooling coils. i.e. your split Air Conditioning system at home.

Dx systems are more efficient, they cool directly the cooling coils.

Chillers are used for large multi story buildings.

Dx systems use no pumps and are for short distances but at distances or heights cannot serve well as there is a lot of pressure drop and the oil from the compressors in the oil gas mixture cannot return back to the compressor.

Dx systems are more noisy due to their proximity and require more maintenance due to refrigerant leakages and other operational problems.

Conclusion, chillers are more suitable for large building and industrial plants vs DX for homes and small buildings.

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