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Remote Consultancy & HVAC Problem Solving at distance, via Google Meets or other apps with the help of your local, Engineers or Technicians.

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HVAC consultancy is the process of providing expert advice and recommendations to businesses and individuals regarding the installation, maintenance, and repair of HVAC systems. This type of consultancy can be extremely beneficial for those who are not familiar with the inner workings of these systems, as it can help to ensure that the system is installed correctly and that it is maintained properly.

International HVAC Consultancy & Mechanical Services

CFN-HVAC is a Global European Consultancy firm that provide HVAC Engineering Related Services to our Industrial & Commercial Clients.

Our clients Benefit & Profit from our services in the following list of their Global Facility Projects.

Project management, HVAC retrofitting, Energy Savings, Indoor Air Quality, Problem Solving, Quality Assurance, Specification Reviews, Technical writing, Bidding and Much More.

We have 30 years of International Project Management on a variety of project applications.

Below is our site and contact information for your specific needs.

We believe that you can benefit from our Global services for the well being of your firm.

HVAC consultancy

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HVAC- How are Spacesuits Cooled ?

Spacesuits are very expensive and cost millions of dollars. They are like a spaceship, that need to protect astronauts from Extreme environmental conditions.

The temperatures in space vacuum reach 250 Fahrenheit in the sun and Minus 250 Fahrenheit in the shade.

A spacesuit can have up to 15 layers for extra protection and is fed by a PLSS (personal life supporting system) that provides oxygen, filtration, odour elimination by carbon and of course liquid cooling.

Each spacesuit is custom design for the body of each astronaut.

The cooling system is a set of cooling tubes lined up on a special fire protection Garment, they eliminate the heat buildup in a suit by recirculating the chilled water.

The gloves of a spacesuit have heaters as the hands get the coldest in space.

The helmets have a visor with special gold coating to protect from the very strong sun rays.

Spacesuits have their own very sophisticated communication systems.

The longest spacewalk was 9 hours.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, I am a Global Hvac consultant (independent Contractor) with 30 years of international expertise on different applications.

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