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Ai and iot in HVAC

How AI (artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) saves energy and notify building operators for preventive maintenance.

HVAC consumes 40% of energy in Commercial and Industrial Buildings.

Normal BMS (building management system) works simply as such, when the cooling or heating load are satisfied, the HVAC units shuts down or winds down as per the temperature and humidity sensors set points. A controls feedback loop. ON – OFF

On the other hand, AI monitors the HVAC system ALIVE within a building through sensors and iot (internet of things) and continuously adjusts the temperature, humidity set points and tweaks actuators of fans (VFD), dampers, valves, pumps etc… to have the optimal and most efficient operation of the system. Harmonising it.

Through this continuous monitoring of the ins and outs of the building environment. AI is perfectly adjusting the HVAC system for the optimal operation.

Google and its deep mind AI entity has experimented with this on their data centers and they claimed 38% additional Energy savings. That is something to consider seriously, if you count the numbers of buildings globally that can benefit of such.

What is supervised learning?

Supervised learning – data is input parameters with already known output results, it learns and builds its own code via algorithm through DATA (some call it the new OIL)

ML works in parallel, having learned from previous data with (supervised learning), continuously keeps learning from new data and predicts when a fault of an equipment might occur to notify the maintenance staff of preventive maintenance action to be taken.

Unsupervised learning – experiments with input data only and learns from what happens when the output reveals itself from real life facts, This is the future of Smart Buildings & Smart Cities.

AI & ML in buildings are still at their infancy level and will perfect tremendously in the next decade or two.

Conclusion: the building HVAC and other M&E systems are continuously being monitored, analysed and adjusted to keep the operation optimal and keeps improving with time. Technicians and facilities managers cannot do that alone with thousands of sensors measuring the building system alive. An impossible task.

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