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HVAC digital literature typically refers to any online documentation or resources that pertain to HVAC systems and their operation or maintenance. This can include everything from user manuals and installation guides to blog posts and how-to videos. Many manufacturers and service providers offer some form of digital literature on their websites, and this can be a valuable resource for HVAC professionals and homeowners alike.

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HVAC - Airplane Covid Risk

What are the risks of airplane covid transmission.

Airplane Cabin

HEPA filters are used as airplane covid protection.

HEPA means high efficient Particulate air 99% efficient filters, like N95.

HVAC means Heating Ventilation & air conditioning.

Airplane air conditioners or HVAC system are 2 packs located below the cabin on the wing levels. They take the 50% Fresh air through the engine and return 50% recirculation from the cabin. The Fresh air heats up via the engine and is cooled via ram cooling heat exchanger.

Airplane Air conditioner diffusers are located above the seat and the return air is under the windows. This is a continuous recirculation process. the 50% recirculation. This recirculation air is what passes through the HEPA filters.

Minimum Fresh air per person is 20 cfm (cubic feet per minute).

The cabin air change is 15 ACH, This is the volume of the cabin air change per hour.

Conclusion: Airplane covid arrest is not 100% but it is safer than sitting in a restaurant with no masks, where people can naturally speak loudly.

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