HVAC Applications

An HVAC application is a type of application that helps to control the temperature and humidity in a space. There are many different types of HVAC applications, including those that are used in residential homes, commercial buildings, and industrial settings.

List of HVAC Applications

Each application in HVAC has its own methods and rules to follow in the design process and implementation

HVAC for Residences

HVAC for Retail Facilities

HVAC for Public Buildings

HVAC for Tall Buildings

HVAC for Places of Assembly

HVAC for Hotels

HVAC for Schools

HVAC for Health-care

HVAC for Automobiles

HVAC for Mass Transit

HVAC for Aircraft

HVAC for Ships

HVAC for Industrial Facilities

HVAC for Enclosed Vehicle Facilities

HVAC for Laboratories

HVAC for Engine Test Facilities

HVAC for Clean Spaces

HVAC for Data Processing & Telecom

HVAC for Printing Plants

HVAC for Textile Plants

HVAC for Ventilation of industrial Environments

HVAC for Industrial Exhaust

HVAC for Photographic Material

HVAC for Wood & Paper Products Factories

HVAC for Museums

HVAC for Libraries

HVAC for Animals Environmental Control

HVAC for Power Plants

HVAC for Mines

HVAC for Nuclear Facilities

HVAC for Drying & Storing Farm Crops

HVAC for industrial drying

HVAC for Semiconductor Manufacturing

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