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How HVAC fan works ?

What does HVAC fan do?

A fan is a powered machine used to create a flow of air. A fan consists of a rotating arrangement of vanes or blades, which act on the air.what are the types of fans used in HVAC

Where is the HVAC fan located ?

The fans are located inside HVAC units such as an air handler or supply / exhaust ducts.


What are the types of fans used in HVAC ?

Propeller Fans

These type of fans are used for low pressure, such as air transfer from one zone to another, exhaust of warehouse, etc…

Tube Axial fans

Axial fans consists of blades around a shaft, just like a home fan but with more pressure force to overcome pressure drops of filters, duct, bends, coils.

Vane Axial fans

Just like the axial but with inlet vanes, straighten the air and increase the efficiency.

Centrifugal Fans

Are the most common used in HVAC systems, they increase the suction and speed of the air. 2 types below

Forward Curved Centrifugal fans

These fans are commonly used for lower pressures and are the least efficient of these centrifugal fans.

Backward Curved Centrifugal fans

These fans are commonly used for higher pressures and are more efficient of these centrifugal fans.

HVAC fans are the heart that pumps the air in HVAC systems.

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